May Kondo was incredibly helpful and always provide the best organizing ideas!  She helped to organize a number of rooms in my house and completely turned around my very disorganized basement! She also helped with other projects around the house.

I would highly recommend MAY, I Organize!

Dana Suskind (Chicago, USA)

We had the consultancy from MAY, I Organize when my husband and I were "pregnant". She came to our place and categorized all the baby's cabinets and drawers by color, used a labeler to identify drawers, hung the mini clothes in the hangers, toiletries; everything! We are keeping a good part of it until today!! In the rest of the house, she organized the wardrobe (it was impeccable), the kitchen pantry and drawers, taught our lady how to fold clothes in order to optimize space, it was an experience that I strongly recommend, even more, if you like everything in the right place!!!

Luciana Prates (São Paulo, Brazil)

I strongly recommend MAY, I Organize! She is meticulous, elegant, organized (no pun intended!) and a gem to work with. She is very careful, thoughtful, and has great ideas about how to use every inch of space in the most efficient manner. She is creative and brilliant!

Augusta Read Thomas (Chicago, USA)

"Chicagoan of the Year 2016"

2 years ago MAY, I organize advised us in organizing our kitchen and wardrobes. She inserted habits and techniques that we still use in the organization. He patiently taught our employee. She puts all care and creativity in every corner of the house!

I highly recommend!

Ana Futami (São Paulo, Brasil)

May Kondo was especially helpful in organizing our three tower bookshelves...books were organized by subject, plus the sense of harmony and rhythm was taken into consideration.
Our linen closet also was organized by May Kondo, in a way that it gets easy to find everyday things.
I definitely recommend MAY, I Organize...!

Tania McCrary (São Paulo, Brasil)

Think of a post-renovation scenario and add to a house move on the eve of the arrival of a baby ... yeah ... our lives were upside down, not to say worse, and despite the space to spare, things they were stored without logic, which made everyday life very complicated.
And then there was a "light" in the midst of all that chaos ... and May Kondo came showing that for your daily life to be lighter and you have plenty of time to do the things you love, just have a logic in the organization ... just putting things in certain places is not enough, you have to organize them in a way that makes sense to you, your family and your routine.
And she found everything that made sense in our life, thinking about our lifestyle, our activities, habits and arranging everything in the right place in a way that would allow easy access and maintenance for everyone in the house, including our baby who already it was growing and gaining her independence!
May, thanks for simplifying our day to day and showing us that, with small changes, we can avoid so much wear out and have free time to enjoy what really matters!
And much more than organizing, you taught us to think differently, to think about the logical organization and the reuse of containers and materials!
Thank you! :)

Paula Barbieri (Campinas, Brazil)